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      When does a preaching for a good cause brings result ?

      If I drink liquor in front of my son, will he not drink as well ? Or can I ask him to not to drink ? Of course not because I am drinking and asking him instead ! There is a proverb “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. All the postals preached what they practiced. Otherwise they would have not transformed the huge populations and societies. So, it will be right to say that preaching effects only if a preacher is himself a depiction of his words model. If one asks others not to tell a lie, can he make others speak truth? No! because he himself is not doing what he advises to others. In simple words we can say very safely that double standards does not work. But we see many double standards being practiced on official and non official channels. We discuss here the some of them.

      Smoking is injurious to health !

      We all know that smoking is injurious to health simply because smoke hurts our health. Many scientific reasons are given that so many kind of chemical are inhaled by a smoker, because of smoking habit. Smokers are advised to quit smoking by putting ‘No smoking’ signs on street corners, and public places. Even , nicotine pills are available at drug store to cater the withdrawal effects to a smoker when he strives to quit smoking. During a movie scene if some character is shown smoking, a warning ‘ smoking kills’ is displayed on screen to warn the viewers of smoking hazards. Why not cultivation of tobacco is prohibited around the glob ? Why cigarette manufacturing industry is not shut down ? Is it not double standard to preach ‘quit smoking’ along with allowing allowing tobacco industry to work and flourish? Will this double standard is of any utilization ?

      War is a disaster

      War is a disaster – every one knows and hears this mantra time and again from big powers of the world. Emphasis is dispensed on averting war and resolving differences and political issues by table talks. But at the same time lethal weapons are produced and sold to the rival countries by the big powers, so that there billions of dollars weapon industry can run and earn smoothly. Nuclear weapons are banned to other s but self are the ‘legitimate’ custodians of all kind of weaponry. Can this double standard of big powers of the world serve ‘no war’ slogan ?

      Say no to corruption !

      Most of the developing states and, even in developed countries a public awareness is given against rampant corruption in society by advising masses ‘ say no to corruption’. But at the same time ruling elite is fully involved in corrupt practices of money laundering and wealth amassing. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan says ” if I myself become corrupt ruler, then how I can stop others from doing corruption?”. If a head of state is not a model of honesty then he can’t make others honest in government – because no action can be taken , or a law can be formed to stop corruption lest they themselves will be the first vicitm of such actions !

      Rapes and sexual assaults

      It is often said that graph of sex crimes and rapes are ascending around the glob. Laws against women harassment and child sexual abuse are framed every now and then- and voices are raised by human activists every where whenever such an incident occurs. But at the same time cyber pages consisting of pornography and sex are made available at large. Even movies contain nude and erotic scenes to attract viewers. Pornography is given legal rights because billions of dollars are earned by state economies around the world. Can this practice of promoting lasciviousness on one hand, and framing laws against sex crimes on the other hand serve the cause ?

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