Factorization – explanation and details

Some times questions on factorization are asked in job exams. Such questions are set to check the analytic abilities of a candidate. Here concept of factorization is discussed and some types of factorization is explained with he help of some examples.

Factorization of algebraic, polynomial  expressions- explanation and details

Let us take a number say 20. This number can be written as below;


Then 2, 2 and 5 are said to be the factors of 20. Again we can write;


so 10 and 2 are factors of 20, Again


here then we can say 10 and 2 are factors of 20

The same way algebraic expressions some times can be broken into their factors – breaking of an expression into its factors is called factorization.

Some algebraic expression types and there factorization methods are explained here below;

1. ka + kb + kc type expressions 

2.  ac+ad+bc+bd type expressions

3.       a^{2}\pm2ab+ b^{2}   type expressions

4.  a^{2}- b^{2}  type expressions

5. a ^{2}\pm2ab+b^{2}-c^{2} type expression




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