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Word Problem 7 (Work ,days and number of persons)

Problem 7: Working 8 hours a day a work is done in 6 days. For how many hours a day the work is to be done, if it is to be finished in 4 days ?

a. 5 hours                   b. 10 hours                    c. 8 hours                d. 16 hours 

-math aptitude test-


This is a problem of inverse or indirect proportion. i-e one quantity increases while other decreases ! Here if we increase working hours per day, then number of working days decrease !

Here we suppose that ‘x’ hours a day are required to finish the work in 4 days !

Then we arrange this data as below – by putting arrows in different directions (because hours and days are inverse proportion);

We write fractions here in a way that tail term is nominator and head term is denominator and put an equal sign between two fractions !



Solving for ‘x’ we get;


\Rightarrow x=2\times 5=10

So, work is to be done for 10 hours, so option ‘b’ is correct answer.





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