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Word Problem 9 (Provision in a camp and days)

drawit diagram


Problem 9: In a camp there is provision for 1600 participants for 60 days. Actually 1200 participated, now the provision will last for;

a. 75 days             b. 80 days                c. 96 days                d. 100 days       

-math aptitude test-


This is an indirect or inverse proportion problem, because if one quantity (participants) increases then other (days) will decrease!

We suppose that in case of 1200 participants the provision lasts for ‘x’  number of days !

Then we arrange this data as below – by putting quantities side by side but putting arrows alongside of each in opposite directions (because it is inverse proportion here);


drawit diagram

Now we write two fraction in which tail terms are up and head terms are below – and put equal sign between these !



Solving for ‘x’ we get;

\Rightarrow x= \frac{1600\times 60}{1200}

\Rightarrow x= 80

So the provision will last for 80 days if there were 1200 participants instead !



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