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Word Problem 10 (Cattle grazing for days )

Problem 10: 35 cattle can graze a piece of land for 56 days. The number of cattle that will graze a field three times as large in 35 days is;

a. 133          b. 168            c. 140             d. 144

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There was one field (1 piece of land) for 35 cattle group for 56 days and the number of cattle has been asked for 3 fields (three times large as earlier) to be grazed in 35 days.

We arrange data as under

Here we put arrows in alternate directions because relation between cattle  and days is inverse pro-ported ( more cattle will finish in less number of days), while relation between cattle and field area is directly pro-ported ( more cattles will cover or graze more bigger field area.

So, from above data we get the relation;

\frac{x}{35}=\frac{56}{35} \times\frac{3}{1}

\Rightarrow x=\frac{56\times 35\times3}{35}

\Rightarrow x=168

So a group of 168 cattle will graze three times bigger piece of land in 35 days

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