Profit & Loss

Word Problem 9

Problem 9: A sold a table to B at 4% profit.B sold the same table for Rs 65, thereby he made a profi... »

Word Problem 7

Problem 7: If an electric iron is sold for Rs 76, profit gain is 62% of the cost price. If sale pric... »

Word problem 6

Problem 6: A dealer by showing a discount of 10% on marked price Rs 1100 of a sofa set gains 10%. Wh... »

Word problem 4

Problem 4: A manufacturer sales a product to a whole sale dealer at 20% profit. The whole sale deale... »

Word Problem 1

Problem 1: By selling a horse for Rs 75 a man would lose 4%. For what amount should he sell it to ga... »

Word Problem 2

Problem 2: A man sells two houses for Rs 3990 each. On one he gains 5% and on the other he loses 5%.... »

Word Problem 3

Problem 3 : A sells a house to B at profit of 5% and B sells it to C at profit of 10%. If C pays Rs ... »

Word Problem 5

Problem 5: A dealer sales a shirt and gets a profit of 15%. Had he sold it for Rs 4 more, he would h... »

Word Problem 8

Problem 8: A shopkeeper sales a pen for 13.20 Rs and gets a profit of 10%. If he wants to increase h... »