Profit & Loss

Word Problem 21

Problem 21: A shopkeeper purchased 30 kg of sugar for Rs 105. For earning a profit of 10% he should ... »

Word Problem 20

Problem 20: By selling a watch for Rs 50 a man lost 10%. In order to gain 26% he must sell it for; a... »

Word Problem 19

Problem 19: A boy buys an article at 75% of its value and sells it for 20% more than its value. His ... »

Word Problem 18

Problem 18: A man bought a horse and sold it at a gain of 10%. If he had bought it 20% less and sold... »

Word Problem 17

Problem 17: A watch was sold at a loss of 10%. If it were sold for Rs 10 more, there would have been... »

Word Problem 16

Problem 16: A man losses 13% by selling a book at a certain price.If had sold it for Rs 9.75 more, h... »

Word Problem 15

Problem 15: A person bought an article and sold it at a gain of 5%, Had he bought it at 5% less and ... »

Word Problem 14

Problem 14: A dealer bought two horses for Rs 480. He sold one at a loss of 15% and the other at a g... »

Word Problem 13

Problem 13: A man buys a certain number of oranges at 24 a rupee and an equal number at 30 a rupee. ... »

Word Problem 12

Problem 12: A man sells two horses at the same prices. On one he makes a profit of 10 % and on the o... »

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