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MCQs on Probability Set-1

— math for CSS — Q1. A problem of mathematics is given to 3 students, whose chances of s... »

MCQs on Trigonometry – Set 2

Q1. Solution of the eq sin²θ+3cos²θ=4 is a. ηπ±π∕6 b.2ηπ±π∕6 c.ηπ±π∕3 d.2ηπ±π∕3 Answer: Option ̵... »

MCQs on Trigonometry – Set 1

1. The smallest value of θ satisfying the equation √₃ (cotθ+tanθ)=₄ is ¹.π⁄2 ² π⁄3 ³.π⁄4 ⁴ π⁄6    An... »