Job Exam Mathematics Word Problems


Question 3 ( Conversion from Decimal to base number system)

Question 3: Convert 17 into an equivalent number w... »


Question 1 (Decimal and Base 2 Number System)

Question 1: Convert 15 into an equivalent number w... »


Word Problem 5 (Tax, Charity, and Income tax)

Problem 5: If taxable income slab is set for annua... »

Arithmetic MCQ 6 (Average of given numbers)

MCQ 6: The average of first ten prime numbers whic... »

Arithmetic MCQ 5 (Average Calculation)

MCQ 5 :The average of 11 numbers is 10.9. If the a... »

Basic Math MCQ 14 (Work capability comparison)

MCQ 14:  A and B can finish a work 30 days if they... »

Basic Math MCQ 11 (Age some years ago and current age)

MCQ 11 : Today is khadija’s birthday. After one ye... »

Basic Math MCQ 8 (percent price decrease, cost and actual cost)

MCQ 8: After decreasing 24% in the price of an art... »

Basic Math MCQ 7 (One number percent greater than percent of other number)

MCQ7: How much 60% of 50 is greater than 40% of 30... »

Basic Math MCQ 6 (Percent of one number greater than fraction of other number)

MCQ 6: How much is 80% of 40 is greater than 4/5 o... »

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