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Word Problem MCQs – Set-1

Problem 1 : A shopkeeper purchased 30 kg of sugar for Rs 105. For earning a profit of 10% he should sell the sugar at the rate of ;

a. Rs 3.75 kg               b. Rs 3.85 kg                        c. Rs 3.90 kg                    c. Rs 3.80 kg

Correct option is b see solution here!


Problem 2: By selling a watch for Rs 50 a man lost 10%. In order to gain 26% he must sell it for;

a. Rs 63.30                a. Rs 70               a. Rs 76                   a. Rs 80

Correct option is c see solution here !


Problem 3: A boy buys an article at 75% of its value and sells it for 20% more than its value. His percent profit based on cost will be;

a. 50%           b.60%           c. 70%          d. 75%

Correct option is b  see solution here!


Problem: 4 If a discount of 20% of the marked price of an article saved Rs 15. How much did I pay for the article ?

a. Rs 60             b. Rs 70            c. Rs 80             d. Rs 90 

Correct option is a  see solution here !


Problem 5: A trades man marks his goods 25% above cost price, but allows 12-1/2% discount to cost payment. Find the cost of an article which is sold for Rs 875.

a. Rs 700                      b. Rs 800                           c. Rs 900                  d. RS 950

Correct option is a  see solution here !


Problem 6: How much percent a tradesman increase on to the cost price to his goods so that he may make a net profit of 10% after allowing a customer a discount of 4% of his bill ?

a. 14-7/12%            b. 16-1/2%                        c. 20%                    d. 19-1/2%

Correct option is a  see solution here !


Problem 7: One liquid contains 20% of water, another contains 35% of water. A glass is filled with 5 parts os first liquid and 10 parts of second liquid, the percentage of water in the new mixture is ;

a) 37%                        b) 30%                       c) 45%                              d) 20%

Correct option is b  see solution here !


Problem 8 : A mixture of 70 liters of milk and water containes 10% water. How much water must be added to make water 12-1/2 % ?

a) 10                b) 5                      c) 2                    d) 12

Correct option is c  see solution here !


Problem 9: In an examination every candidate took Science or Civics or both. 65.8% took Science and 59.2% took Civics. If the total number of candidates was 2000 – how many took both ?

a. 800      b. 500         c.750       d.550

Correct option is a  see solution here !


Problem 10: The average age of 600 students in a class is 10.75 years, by enrollment of 40 new students the average age is lowered to 10.437 years. Find the average age of the new students.

a) 6.0                 b) 5.75                     c) 5.15                d) 5.50

Correct option is b  see solution here !

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