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Word Problem 18

Problem 18: A mixture of a certain quantity of milk with 16 liters of water is worth 90 paisas per liter . If pure milk be worth Rs 1.09 per liter, the quantity of milk in the mixture is ;

a) 16 liters                   b) 80 liters                            c) 15 liters                   d) 2 liters

( there are 100 paisas in a rupee !)



Given data is ;

water = 16 liters

Mixture = 90 paisas per liter

milk = Rs 1,09 per liter

Quantity of milk in the mixture =?


The data can be arranged as under;

Quantity Price/liter (Rs)  Total cost
Milk Y 1.08 1.08Y
Water 16 0 (assuming water is free of cost)
Mixture Y+16 0.90 0.90(Y+16)

Price of Mixture = Price of milk + Price of water

We get;

\[ 0.90(Y+16)=1.08Y+0 \]

This gives;

\[ 0.90Y+0.90\times16=1.08Y \]

This gives;

\[ 0.90\times 16= 1.08Y-0.90Y = 0.18Y \]

Finally we get;

\[ Y=\frac{0.90\times16}{0.18}=80 liters \]

So,  the pure milk quantity is 80 liters





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