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Basic Mathematics MCQs


Basic Math MCQ 17 (Collective and individual earning calculation)

MCQ 17: A, B and C together earn Rs.150 per day wh... »


Basic Math MCQ 16 (Taps filling a tank and their rate of filling)

MCQ 16: Two taps X and Y can fill a tank in 10 hrs... »


Basic Math MCQ 15 ( Work capability comparison )

MCQ 15: A is thrice as good as B in work. A is abl... »

Basic Math MCQ 14 (Work capability comparison)

MCQ 14:  A and B can finish a work in 30 days if t... »

Basic Math MCQ 13 (Men and Women and a wall construction days)

MCQ 13: If 3 men or 4 women can construct a wall i... »

Basic Math MCQ 12 (Work and days)

MCQ 12:  P and Q can complete a work in 15 days an... »

Basic Math MCQ 11 (Age some years ago and current age)

MCQ 11 : Today is khadija’s birthday. After one ye... »

Basic Math MCQ 10 (Percentage of a number with respect to other number)

MCQ10 : What percent of 120 are 90? a) 25%        ... »

Basic Math MCQ 9 (Percent comparison , less or bigger than)

MCQ 9 : If y exceeds x by 20%, then x is less than... »

Basic Math MCQ 8 (percent price decrease, cost and actual cost)

MCQ 8: After decreasing, 24% in the price of an ar... »

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