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Word Problem 3 & 4 (Average temperature, Average weight )

Problem 3: The average temperature for Saturday, Sunday and Monday was 82 C, The average of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday was 85 C. if the temperature on Tuesday was 89 C, what was temperature on Saturday?
a) 80 C           b) 90 C              d) 85 C                 d) 81 C
Lets suppose temperature on Saturday, Sunday and Tmon be Tsat, Tsun and Tmon;
Then average temperature for these days;
\frac{Tsat+Tsun+Tmon}{3}= 82 (Given)
\Rightarrow Tsat+Tsun+Tmon= 3\times82
\Rightarrow Tsat+Tsun+Tmon= 246----(1)
Now suppose temperature on Monday be Tmon, Then average temperature for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday is calculated as;
\frac{Tsun+Tmon+Ttue}{3}= 85 (Given)
\Rightarrow Tsun+Tmon+Ttue=3\times 85
\Rightarrow Tsun+Tmon+Ttue=255
But temperature on Tuesday was 89C, so put Ttue = 89 in above expression;
\Rightarrow Tsun+Tmon+89=255
\Rightarrow Tsun+Tmon=255-89
\Rightarrow Tsun+Tmon=166
Put this value of Tsun+Tmon   in eq(1) above;
\Rightarrow Tsat+166= 246
\Rightarrow Tsat= 246-166
\Rightarrow Tsat= 80
So, temperature on Saturday was 80C

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