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Algebraic MCQ 1(types of coins and total amount)

Algebraic MCQ 1: A bag contains equal number of Rs... »


Run Race MCQ 2( running ratios)

Run Race MCQ 2: In a 100 m race, A can beat B by 2... »


Run Race MCQ1( One Runs faster than the other)

Run Race MCQ1: A runs 1 – 2/3 times as fast ... »

Kinematics Numerical5(Car, time, velocity)

Kinematics Numerical 5: A car traveling at 10 ms a... »

MCQ Word Problem 4 ( Boat, speed )

MCQ Word Problem 4 : A boat covers a distance of 3... »

Problem 1 (Work, Persons, days)

Problem 1 (Work, Men, days): 12 Children take 16 d... »

Permutations MCQ1( 2,3,5,1,7,9 , four digits, even numbers)

Permutations MCQ1: How many four digit even number... »

Men & Food MCQ1(Days. food, men)

Men & Food MCQ1 : 18 men can eat 20 kg of rice... »

Combinations MCQ 1( bag and balls )

Combination MCQ 1: A bag contains nine yellow ball... »

Probability Formulae

Probability Formulas 1. Probability Range for an e... »

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