d If the obtained average marks of three batches

Arithmetic MCQ 2 (Average marks calculation)

MCQ 2 : If the average marks of three batches of 55, 60 and 45 students respectively is 50, 55, 60, then the average marks of all the students is:

a) 53.33                     b) 54.68                         c) 55                          d) None of these


Obtained Average Markes

We know the average formula is applicable here and we know that the average of marks is calculated by dividing the total number of students by their total marks! This we do when we estimate our overall performance. Let’s come to the point !

sum divided by number of terms \]


\[ Total Marks = Total Number Of Students\times Average Marks \]

For Batch 1

Av.  marks = 50

Total Number of Students = 55


\[ Total Marks = 55\times 50=2750 \]


For Batch 2

\[ Total Marks = 60\times 55=3300 \]

For Batch 3

\[ Total Marks = 45\times 60=2700 \]



\[ Total Marks Of all Batches = 2750+3300+2700=8750 \]


\[ Total students Of all Batches =55+60+45=160 \]


The required marks of all batches ​\( =\frac{Total Marks Of all Batches}{Total Student Of all Batches} \)


\[ =\frac{6750}{160}=54.68 \]


So the option b is correct


This the question of a situation in which a teacher or examiner is to estimate the result of class or institution. Sometimes an individual can also assess his own score in any exam or test. Scores are also required on an average basis to qualify at some stage by testing organizations, like public service commissions.

Average calculation questions all are solvable by the only simple formula. Just we have to use our intelligence to understand the tricky style of asking a question by the examiner.

You can also visit the table of ‘ average calculation’ in the menu for more clarification about the concept of average.

The average concept is not only for numbers but also for volumes, quantities, and measurements.




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