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Algebraic MCQ 2 ( Consecutive numbers)


Algebraic MCQ 2 : The sum of two consecutive numbers is 37.  What are they?

a) 19, 20                 b) 21, 22           c) 34, 35              d) none


A math problem solving questions in algebra.

Consecutive Number Labels - 0001-0500, 1 x 1 1/2" S-8319 - Uline

This is problem of two numbers finding. We have not been given any one of these. So we will have to start by an assumption.


Suppose the first number is ‘x’

So , we know the next number is one step ahead of previous one – so the next consecutive number will be ‘ x+1’

Now by given condition the sum of both the numbers is 37

That is ,

First number + Next consecutive number = 37


\[ x+(x+1)=37 \]


\[ 2x+1=37 \]


\[ 2x=37-1=36 \]


\[ 2x=36 \]


\[ x=18 \]

So, the first number is x= 18 and hence next consecutive number is x+1= 18+1=19

i-e the numbers are 18 and 19

This is math problem solving questions like that in school level maths books.



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