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Word Problems 1

 Problem 1: A’s mother is twice as old as A’s brother. A is 6 year younger to his brother, but 4 years older to his sister. If A’s sister is 15, what is his mother’s age ? (general math for jobs)



Suppose A’s brother’s age is ‘x’ i-e;

Brother's Age=x

But According to statement of question, A’s mother’s age is two time of A’s brother’s age i-e;

Mother's Age =2\times Brother's Age

\Rightarrow Mother's Age =2\times x

\Rightarrow Mother's Age =2x----(*)

But A is six years younger to his brother;

\Rightarrow A's Age =x-6----(1)

A is 4 years older to his sister;

i-e A's Age =sister's Age+4

but sister’s age = 15

\Rightarrow A's Age =15+4

\Rightarrow A's Age =19

Put this value in eq (1)

19 =x-6


Put this value of ‘x’ in eq (*) above, we get;

 Mother's Age =2\times 25

 Mother's Age =50 Years

So, mother’s age is 50 years

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