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This website i-e ‘jemrare.com’ is for general readers.- and especially for all those who are candidates for any kind of examination -especially examination or test for a job vacancy either in public or private sectors of employment – and they want to prepare themselves by practicing mathematics, to tackle basic mathematics / everyday mathematical problems and questions that may appear in the exams.
We are there to help you after the completion of your long academic journey, to secure a career of your satisfaction . This is a web portal – bringing for you the rare mathematics problems with solutions – for preparation of basic mathematics confronting in different exams by public service commissions & other testing organizations and govt agencies.

Preparing basic mathematics is of importance because competition is increasing day by day and it is impossible to qualify a screening test without attempting all questions. This is because losing even one mark can throw a candidate manifolds down the merit list. Basic mathematics section is part and parcel of almost all the one paper tests for all types of jobs advertised by public service commissions and other testing organizations and agencies of different nations and states.

 Those who wish to join a civil service career need to improve their basic math skills very much, because a separate section of basic mathematics is always there in the exams for jobs to judge the calculative skill of a candidate.

Vacancy near me, or looking for a job vacancy, or latest govt jobs  – are sentences you hear from any one who  try to find a job. It is digital age and to go after newspapers for job advertisements is waste of time. You should visit websites of organizations like fpsc, ppsc, for government jobs -like for fia, nab, police, etc. Latest govt jobs are advertised on websites monthly or weekly.

 This website is made to cater for  needs of candidates to prepare for mathematics section in the job exams – with almost all types of questions being asked in the exams.

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