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Month: August 2020


Probability Formulas

Probability Formulas Probability Formulas Useful i... »


Probability MCQ 4( two cards are drawn one after the other)

Probability MCQ 4: From a pack of cards two cards ... »


Kinematics Numerical 4( Find the retardation produced when a car ..)

Kinematics Numerical 4: Find the retardation produ... »

Kinematics Numerical 3( A car starts from rest )

Kinematics Numerical 3: A car starts from rest. It... »

Kinematics Numerical 2(A sprinter completes its 100 meter race)

Kinematics Numerical 2: A sprinter completes its 1... »

drawit diagram 5

Kinematics Numerical 1(A cyclist completes half round)

Kinematics Numerical 1: A cyclist completes half r... »

Probability MCQ3: (What are the chances that no two boys)

Probability MCQ3: What are the chances that no two... »

Probability MCQ2: (Shuffled Cards)

Probability MCQ2: What is probability of drawing t... »

Probability MCQ 1: (In a drawer there are 4 white socks)

Probability MCQ 1: In a drawer there are 4 white s... »

Volume MCQ 2 (A right cylinder and a right circular cone have)

Volume MCQ 2: A right cylinder and a right circula... »

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