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Month: July 2020


Stocks and Shares MCQ1 (A man buys Rs. 25 shares in a company)

Stocks and Shares MCQ1: A man buys Rs. 25 shares i... »

drawit diagram 2

Height and Distance MCQ 1(Height calculation)

Height and Distance MCQ 1 :The top of a 15 meter h... »


Mensuration MCQ2 (Sector of Circle, angle, perimeter)

Mensuration MCQ2 : The sector of a circle has radi... »

Mensuration MCQ 1: (An order was placed for the supply of a carpet)

Mensuration MCQ 1: An order was placed for the sup... »

Area Calculation MCQ 10 (A rectangular carpet has an area of 60 sq.m)

Area Calculation MCQ 10: A rectangular carpet has ... »

drawit diagram 21

Area Calculation MCQ9( The length of a rectangular plot is 4 ½ times )

Area Calculation MCQ 9 : The length of a rectangul... »

drawit diagram 19

Area Calculation MCQ 8 ( The ratio of the length and breadth of a plot is 3:2 )

Area Calculation MCQ 8: The ratio of the length an... »

drawit diagram 18

Area Calculation MCQ 7 ( A rectangular courtyard 3.78 m long and 5.25 m broad )

Area Calculation MCQ 7: A rectangular courtyard 3.... »

drawit diagram 13

Area Calculation MCQ6 (The perimeter of a floor of a room is)

Area Calculation MCQ6: The perimeter of a floor of... »

Area Calculation MCQ 5: (A rectangular park measures)

A rectangular park measures 8cm on length and it’s... »

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