Month: September 2019

word Problem 10

Problem 10: A man sold his watch at loss of 5%. He had sold it for Rs 56.25 more he would have gaine... »

Word Problem 9

Problem 9: A sold a table to B at 4% profit.B sold the same table for Rs 65, thereby he made a profi... »

Word Problem10:

Word Problem10: A horse is sold for Rs 1230 at a loss of 18%. What would have been gained or lost pe... »

Question 4

Question 4: One had 55% of the total valid votes in an election between two candidates. 20 percent o... »

Question 3

Question 3: A water pool is 6 meters wide, 20 meters long and 2 meters deep. If 1 liter is equal to ... »

Word Problem 8

Problem 8: There are 15 tables in Camille’s Cafe. Some of those tables can seat 6 people, and ... »

Word Problem 7

Problem 7: What is the value of letter ‘A’ in the given summation form ? Solution:  ... »

Word Problem 3

Problem 3:  What is the measure of angle at corner ‘A’ of the star shape ? Solution: Tho... »

Word Problem 6:

Problem 6: Sam and Sarah are siblings. Sam has as many brothers as sisters. Sarah has twice as many ... »

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