Area Calculation MCQ 5: (Lengths of diagonal and width of a rectangle given, to find the perimeter of rectangular area)

A rectangular measure 8cm on length and it’s diago... »

Area Calculation MCQ 4: ( Width of carpet given, to find length of the carpet to cover a rectangular room)

Area Calculation MCQ 4: How many meters of carpet ... »

Area Calculation MCQ 3 (Path occupying an area runs inside a rectangle, to find width of the rectangle)

Area Calculation MCQ 3: A path of uniform width ru... »

Area Calculation MCQ 2 (Area of squares in a chess board given, width of border given, find area of chess board)

Area Calculation MCQ 2: Total area of the 64 small... »

Area Calculation MCQ 1 (Increase and decrease in length and breadth , to find percent change in area)

Area Calculation MCQ 1: The length of a rectangula... »

MCQ Word Problem 3 ( Speed of motor boat downstream and upstream and distance given, to find speed of stream )

 MCQ Word Problem 3: The speed of a boat in still ... »

MCQ Word Problem 2 ( Boat in a stream and distance calculation )

MCQ Word Problem 2: The speed of a motor-boat is t... »

Question 11 (Addition of numbers in binary system )

Question 11 : Solve ​​ a) ​​                      ... »

Question 10 (Addition of numbers with base 2)

Question 10 : Find the sum of ​​. a ​​            ... »

MCQ Word Problem 1 ( Boat in a stream and distance calculation )

MCQ Word Problem 1: A steamer goes downstream from... »

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