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Question 23

Question 23: At Rs 500 per kg a man buys 5 kgs of meat. Moreover he has to pay a consumption tax of 6 percent on the selling price for every kilogram of meat je purchases. Calculate the total amount o... »

Question 1

  Question 1: Rectangle has a perimeter of 250 units with length of four times of its width. What is area of the rectangle? Intelligence Bureau one peper test Assistant Director 2014 FPSC Solutio... »

Word Problem 11

Problem 11: The population of a town increases at the rate of 5% yearly. The present population is 9261. Find the population three years ago. a) 10000                         b) 9000                  ... »

Year Wise Past Exam List

Here Year wise past exam questions have been grouped for easy navigation;       Past Exam Questions 2017  »

Word Problems Category List

    Here is the list of categories of word problems of specific type given below (the same can be viewed in drop down menu as well);   Profit and Loss Percentage and Comparison Simple a... »

Word Problem 8

Problem 8: A reduction of 20% in the price of sugar enables a purchaser to buy 4 kgs more for Rs 80. The original price of 1 kg of sugar was; a) Rs 4                          b) Rs 4.50               ... »

Word Problem 7

Problem 7: If an electric iron is sold for Rs 76, profit gain is 62% of the cost price. If sale price is set as Rs 74, what will be profit gain percentage ? Solution: Lets suppose We are given i-e We ... »

Word problem 6

Problem 6: A dealer by showing a discount of 10% on marked price Rs 1100 of a sofa set gains 10%. What is the cost price of sofa set ?   Solution: Lets suppose Now profit is 10 % of CP so Also we are ... »

Word Problem 6

Problem 6: In a camp there is provision for 1800 persons which is enough for 60 days. If current strength is 1200 persons, for how long the provision will be sufficient ? a) 40 days                b) ... »

Word Problem 9

Problem 9: If a man finds that increase in interest rate from 4-7/8 to 5-1/8 percent per annum on his investment increases his income by Rs 25. What is his invested amount? a) 10000                   ... »

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